About Us!



Welcome to my little corner of the world! I am so excited you’re here! I am professional soccer player that is here to create trendy, unique and one of a kind bows. I have always loved making things in my free time. 2 years ago I met Jessica and Kenzie (the founders of CMB) through our military spouses. She was keeping herself busy making bows and I was helping her out during my free time after practice. I found joy in making bows and hanging out with my friend. She has four kids with two on the Autism Spectrum. When Jessica and Kenzie thought about closing CMB I couldn’t let all their hard work go to waste. I have always wanted to start my own business and decided to take over CMB from the mother daughter duo. I had spoken to my family and they all agreed that this was the path for me. My husband, family and teammates were my first customers. I had my doubts but equipped with Jessica’s mentorship I had my first bow drop on January 22, 2022! It has been a crazy fun ride thus far. Crafting is my way to keep myself busy after practice and I get so much joy in seeing my nieces and customers wearing CMB! 

Maegan: I am so humbled that y’all love my product enough to support me. I want to thank the village of people who started this business with Jessica and Kenzie and am grateful that the support has continued. I couldn’t do this without my reps. Every single one of them brings something different to my business and I’m thankful for all of their hard work and support in our business. I can't thank everyone but I want to thank Jessica for believing in me and my mom who has helped me understand the books side of a business. It truly takes a village to be successful in all aspects of life <3